Create A Capacity Tech Set from -

With the power-hungry nature of modern devices, our best-selling Capacity Power Bank ensures that you stay connected to your world, on-the-go.

Follow these 3 easy steps to create a multi-purpose tech set to meet your needs and budget.

Step 1: Combine a Capacity Power Bank with a Potency Tech Case.

TECH-4200 – Potency Tech Case
TECH-4221 – Capacity Power Bank – 2200Mah

Step 2: Consider Adding a Car or Wall Charger

TECH-4211 – Voyage Dual Usb Car Charger
TECH-4212 – Circuit Usb Car Charger
TECH-4213 – Electro Usb Wall Charger
TECH-4280 – Rotary USB Car Charger

Step 3: Upgrade your Power Bank by adding a Connector Cable.

TECH-4350 – Lightning Cable
TECH-4435 – 3Way Connector Cable
TECH-4455 – Tri-Link Connector Cable
TECH-4440 – Segment Connector Cable

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