Discontinued Keyholders

In order to make way for new models, we discontinued some of our keyholders.

 Take advantage of the reduced prices, while stocks last!

KH-7086 – Mode Keyholder (Excluding Dome)

KH-7005 – Ruckus Keyholder

KH-7008 – Argent Torch Keyholder

KH-7200 – Thumbs-Up Keyholder

KH-7063-G – Galactica Keyholder – Green

KH-804 – Ovalation Keyholder

KH-7215-BL – Rotary Torch & Stylus Keyholder – Black

KH-7072 – Élan Keyholder (Excluding Dome)

KH-7036 – Whistler Keyfinder


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